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Libido Enhancement Therapy

Libido Enhancement Therapy

Why a Healthy Libido is Important

If libido isn't present, our health and wellness diminish. We will discuss the most significant reasons why sex and a wholesome libido are extremely important for our health and aid us in feeling young. Libido is youthfulness. Libido is commonly a reflection of a someone's self-perspective. Sex protects our well-being. In males, studies have demonstrated a fifty percent reduction when it comes to cardiovascular mortality when having frequent intercourse. Studies also show analogous results in females, specifically regarding orgasms. Impotence is a strong signal of overall cardiovascular health in males. What damages blood vessels in a male's heart can do the same to the blood vessels that run through the male penis. Oxytocin is very beneficial. Intercourse, specifically when it ends in an orgasm, will stimulate the excretion of the hormone oxytocin. It is very beneficial for one's wellness. You will experience low levels of cortisol, mood enhancing qualities, improvement in blood pressure, healthier skin, and lower chances of hormone-mediated cancers. A healthy sex life will also boost your blood flow. Sex stimulates the expansion of blood vessels throughout your body, which improves the delivery of blood to your organs, most importantly, the brain. Blood delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to cells in your body, nurturing all of these organs. Sex lowers stress. A study performed by Kinsey in the 1940′s demonstrates that males and females who have healthy sex lives have less anxiety and are prone to be less violent. Sex causes the release of oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins, all which are hormones created by your body that will intensify positive feelings of attachment, affection and closeness.

Here is a list of Libido Enhancement Therapies we offer:

  • Bremelanotide PT-141
  • Tadalafil
  • Oxytocin